Hosted VoIP won’t pause for a polar vortex

We are happy to have the ability to help our customers affected by the harsh conditions in the Midwest. One does not always consider the pros of having a cloud-based phone solution during situations like a polar vortex. This is the best opportunity to understand why using a Hosted VoIP solution is essential for businesses. Without the features a cloud solution provides, it is extremely difficult to continue work and provide service for callers.

With a cloud phone solution, it doesn’t matter where these workers are located. They are still capable of doing work from their mobile devices and computers; they even have the option to take their physical desk phone with them home. If they are unable to be in the office it is simple for them to remotely change their auto attendant and voicemail greeting to explain the polar vortex situation to callers. Having a cloud-based phone solution creates opportunity and choice to continue business communication under any conditions.

With customers across the Midwest region, here at FluentStream we have made sure they can still be connected to their business phones with Hosted VoIP,  even in polar conditions. To continue this support and reliability, we are soon coming out with the FluentCloud WebPhone. It provides spectacular audio quality, replaces the need for a desk phone, and can be used from any web browser. We are always striving to create reliable business communication to face any and all vortex situations.

Polar Vortex

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