Number Spoofing vs Local Area Presence: What you need to know

Number Spoofing is a sales technique that's intended to alter your outbound caller ID to increase the likelihood of connecting with a prospect. It's a proven, effective sales strategy that's used to boost connection rates since studies have shown that people are nearly twice as likely to answer a call if they recognize the area code of the caller.

That being said, the technology that's used for Number Spoofing is controversial and often illegal. For this reason, more and more providers are offering a better alternative called local area aresence. Below we discuss the differences between these two tactics.

Number Spoofing: Area Matching with Malicious Intent

What is it? 

Number Spoofing is the practice of tricking a phone network into thinking your call is originating from a different number than the one you’re actually calling from. 

Sounds shady… How exactly does it work? 

As we mentioned before, people are much more likely to answer a call with a local area code. Maybe it’s a potential client. Maybe there’s a problem at their child’s school. Maybe it’s a friend with a new number! Spoofing numbers with local area codes gives scammers an easy foot in the door and they’ve been increasingly taking advantage.

With Number Spoofing, you are tricking the carrier into thinking your phone number is something different than what it is. This "trickery" is where the legal issues arise, and with the rise of open source VoIP software, it’s now easier than ever for anyone to spoof a number. 

Right now it’s technically legal in the United States unless done “with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value.” Still, it’s a frowned upon practice that is becoming increasingly more problematic each year as more local governments pass legislation limiting its use.

In addition, spoofed numbers belong to someone else. A Spoofed number won't ring back to your phone, so your prospect can't call you back. 

Local Area Presence: National Reach with Local Charm

What is it? 

Local area presence is a sales tactic where businesses match their outbound phone numbers to the area codes they're dialing. 

Sounds neat! How exactly does it work? 

What makes local area presence a legitimate sales tactic is the fact that, instead of simply copy-and-pasting someone else’s local number over yours, you purchase and legally own all the local area numbers you use. 

By calling from a local number, you let prospects know you already do business in their area and came prepared to meet their unique needs. Plus, since people are 400% more likely to pick up calls from a local area code, this makes sure you start every call on the right foot.

There are no complicated settings you need to set up or manage. Just let us know the markets you care about most and we’ll find you local phone numbers in those areas to make sure all of your calls go out looking as friendly and local as a neighbor asking for sugar. 

If your sales strategy changes and you want to start going after new markets, we can easily add more local phone numbers and keep your team locked and loaded with the most relevant area codes. 

Interested in Adding Local Area Presence to Your Arsenal of Sales Tools?

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