Introducing: Wake-Up Call Reminder

wake-up call reminder

Your hotel has a lot of clients to look after, each one has a different schedule and different needs. You’re busy. The last thing you want to be doing is making wake-up calls to everyone who requests one. Instead, let the phone system do it for you. This is where our new feature comes in. This new feature from FluentStream is designed to save you time and energy and give your guests some extra interactivity with your business.

How It Works

There are two ways to access and use this new feature. Admin, and normal users.

System administrators can set an individual wake-up call for each extension in their account. You can set the time and number of days for it to run by pressing a key combination such as *50. The automated voice attendant will ask which extension you want to set it for and for how many days. Through the automated process, you can also remove reminders as well as verify that a reminder is running.

If hotel guest forgets to ask for a reminder they can set their own reminders by following the same method as the admin. However, normal users will only get to set the schedule a wake-up call reminder for the extension they are dialing from.

How To: Wake-Up Call Reminder

To set a reminder you simply need to push a key combination on the phone such as *50.  Key codes are set up by the admin of your phone system. If you’re a current customer and want to know how to set this up, please contact FluentStream support at 303-GO-CLOUD option #2.

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