Work On the Go!

A colossal amount of professionals can’t afford to be tied down to their desk. Their job requires them to be constantly on the go.  We have acknowledged even if you’re not in your office you still need to be able to communicate. Through our user-friendly portal, our clients personalize their out-of-the-office calls in just a few seconds.

One of our clients from Real Estate Consultants of Colorado, Alex Becker, is able to be at any new business location. He is an avid user of our find me/follow me feature and mobile apps. “My job requires me to be out of the office a lot,” Becker said. “I need to be accessible to my clients no matter where I am and FluentStream has made that possible.”

Find me/follow me is FluentStream’s more advanced call forwarding feature. Through MyFluentCloud, our clients are able to personalize exactly what they need when receiving business calls. Becker automatically receives business calls to his smartphone because he most likely will not be at his desk. Some of our other clients have customized their calls by allowing their desk phone to ring for a specific number of seconds, then be forwarded to their mobile. Even if you don’t answer your mobile, your business voicemail will be able to take the message.

Becker has also taken advantage of the FluentStream mobile apps. He is able to make calls with his business phone number from his smartphone. Through the app he can mask his mobile with his business number. When he is ready to be done for the day it’s simple to keep his business and personal life separate. Through MyFluentCloud, it only takes a few clicks for you to make business calls not bother you when you’re off the clock.

With our easy-to-use portal and features, our clients have not panicked about being away from their office desk. FluentStream has created a solution for any type of career to have access through their phones.


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