Your startup could use a big dose of, well, big.

Better Call Saul’s star, Jimmy McGill, is (most simply) trying to run a successful law firm. His story is one that runs stride-by-stride alongside contemporary David vs. Goliath tales; winning clients from his cramped office and studio apartment in the back of a nail salon is challenging enough on its own, but throw in competition with 100 times his expendable resources and… “struggle bus,” as they say.

One of the strategies Jimmy employs in an effort to get a leg up on the competition is to answer his mobile phone in an atrocious fake British accent. Pretending to be his own secretary, he screens the call. If the caller were calling for him (as they always are- it’s his cell phone), he allows the caller to wait for a brief period of time before “answering” again as himself.

The struggle is real, and startup-ers empathize. Potential customers and clients want to know that they’ll be working with an organization/product/brand that has proven efficacy and competency (like a law firm with a “fancy” British secretary), but startups, like Slippin’ Jimmy’s law firm, cannot be big from day one. Alas, their phone systems can be. FluentStream’s cloud-based business phone system will allow your startup to deliver the caller experience of your biggest competitors. Better even. Here’s how:


  • Voice Talent and Auto-Attendants. Imagine two scenarios. In the first, you call a business whose phone rings 11 times before you reach the voicemail box. The voicemail recording is a sheepish voice (or maybe a fake English accent?) that takes slightly too long to give you some generally pertinent information (hours, location, etc.) before finally asking you to leave a message. You leave a message, and you don’t know what to expect from there. In the second scenario, you call a business who immediately answers with a professional-quality recording that offers you multiple channels to get the information that you seek. You give the recording the feedback it requested and are escorted off to the department, person, or list of information you needed. Are the businesses equally reputable? Which business do you think customers are more likely to trust with their limited spend?
  • Sophisticated Routing, Find Me/Follow Me Features. Your startup cannot stop for “after-hours”. Now, you can route your business’s calls differently depending on the call’s time and date. Give your weekend callers different options and information than your 9-5ers and your late night-ers. With Find Me/Follow Me you can engage your mobile device as the valuable piece of business phone infrastructure that it is. Sayonara ball and chain, hello freedom!
  • Access to Phone Numbers. Give your callers options. Appeal to callers across the country with multiple unique local numbers. Give your customers a toll-free option. Advertise with memorable vanity numbers. Do what you gotta do to give your audience what they want!
  • USABILITY. The coolest part about our cloud-based phone system is: if you can bank online, you can control these features and many more in order to craft the business phone system your callers dream about. Check out our My FluentCloud Web Portal Overview for more information.
  • Pricing for startups. Our low monthly per-user rate includes everything (50+ features, 24/7/365 US support, unlimited calling to the US and Canada, etc.) necessary to give your phone system the presence of something that costs much, much more.

Jimmy McGill struggles to convince his callers that he is a reputable source of knowledge and professional-level service. Your business doesn’t have to!

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