The How-To Guide of Pre-Recorded Sales Voicemail

You tirelessly call prospects day after day. It’s gotten to the point where you’re reciting your pitch in your head while you sleep. Meet your new knight in shining armor: Voicemail Drop. This new feature gives sales teams the ability to leave the same pre-recorded message with just the push of the button.

We’ve set our sleuth team of feature-testers on the product and have been hearing some awesome feedback. Not only is our sales team seeing more callbacks and a significantly higher call volume each day (over a 60% increase), but their significant others are singing the praises of our new feature. Gone are the days their spouses return home from work in catatonic states from leaving robo-recordings for hours on end.

So what exactly is making our sales team sing? Here’s the inside intel from the guys that know it best:

1) KISS. We’re all familiar with this. Keep it simple…. stupid sales. That’s it. Make sure your recording isn’t too specific. Because you are recycling the same voicemail between different prospects, the messaging needs to be strong enough to get the point across, while also resonating with a wide spectrum of individuals.

2) Work it into your cadence. However many steps you have in your multi-touch cadence, you can use strategic pre-recorded voicemails to piggyback on the previous steps of the cadence.

3) Watch the tone of your introductions. Because you recorded your perfect Voicemail messages after three bowls of Wheaties, your tone was likely quite chipper. If your introduction doesn’t match the rest of the recording it will be easy for your prospects to tell.

4) Take your time and make it right. Recordings can be awkward, but note: these will be used time and time again so recording the messages in a proper environment with your best voice is essential. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later when your set appointments and sales numbers reflect the prowess of your recordings.

5) Get specific…kind of. In direct contradiction to the first point, use what information you have about a particular segment of prospects to focus on how your products or services can benefit them. Say you have a group of prospects in *industry X* (intriguing, I know) – target some of the verbiage to their specific needs. Watch as your sales numbers soar!

No matter how you use Voicemail Drop, your sales team will reap the rewards of increased efficiency and performance ratings. To find out more, check out our help desk article.

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