Freshdesk and FluentStream Phone Integration: Tickets Made Easy!

Streamline your ticket system workflow with FluentStream + Freshdesk and track multi-channel performance from one comprehensive platform. Maximize customer service performance by integrating your favorite customer service platform with FluentStream Business Phone Service. 

With powerful ticketing and multi-channel support, you can maximize your support team efficiency and safeguard customer satisfaction. Our Freshdesk integration fosters increased agent productivity, high ticket volume management, and comprehensive reporting.

Integrating FluentCloud with Freshdesk does not require additional programming or expensive hardware – the integration runs right on top of your browser. Your entire team can get connected, without the need of IT support, in just 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

Our Freshdesk integration works great with a FluentStream VoIP deskphone. However, this Freshdesk integration works best with FluentCloud ClickToCall and WebPhone, installed as plugins on a Chrome Browser. Together this creates a seamless workflow for your agents, enhancing productivity and customer support.

After setting up WebPhone and ClickToCall, you’ll see the following options screen:


Here you can set up which notifications you want to display, what fields to pre-populate with information, and much more.

When an incoming call is processed you’ll see a notification come on screen:


Now your agents always know who is calling, before they pick up, allowing personalized call experiences that enhance customer confidence and loyalty.

When an agent takes the call, they will see a Freshdesk ticket created in a new window.


Freshdesk will show you updated, relevant information about known callers or prompt you to populate information for new inbound callers. You can also search for a callers information based on ticket ID, phone number, or Email.

After saving you can review information on your main Freshdesk dashboard for each caller.


Just like FluentStream Technologies, Freshdesk values customer service above all else, going above and beyond to provide the tools required to foster the best customer experience possible. If you thought Freshdesk was great before, just wait until you integrate it with your favorite VoIP business phone service. See for yourself! Check out the Freshdesk integration today!


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