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No cords. No germ infested dialpad. No extra, blocky device to take up room on my already cluttered desk. I now make and receive calls right from where I’m working, from my computer using the new FluentCloud WebPhone.

Along with the majority of professionals, I sit in front of a computer the majority of a workday. I often find myself away from my desk, but working from my laptop. Having the flexibility to take professional calls from my favorite coffee shop makes communication accessible and convenient. I, of course, would not be taking calls if the sound quality was poor. WebPhone has “best in class” audio quality an application download can provide.

This application download works with Google Chrome, which everyone should already be using anyway :). I personally like to use a USB headset, but the speakers and built in microphone on my computer work as well.

My favorite feature WebPhone provides is the visual inbox. I am able to see all my voicemails, SMS, faxes, and call history. Sometimes when I am in the zone I don’t want to be notified of calls. With an easy on/off switch I can choose to receive notifications for calls, SMS and faxes. I could even close out the phone to send calls straight to voicemail which FluentCloud conveniently delivers to my email and can even transcribe as text.

Recently WebPhone got a  update. Now I can sync my Google Gmail contacts list, and it will appear on both my WebPhone and FluentCloud portal. Through the portal I can edit the contact list how I want it to appear on my WebPhone. If contacts call me, my personal contact list name will appear.

This sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? It’s not too late to join us in the revolution of business communications.

CLICK HERE to join the WebPhone experience.

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