ZIP Code Routing: The Perfect Solution for Regional Teams

As consumers, there’s nothing quite as irritating as calling a business and having to give your address over and over and over again. “If you could just give me your address, and I’ll get you routed over to the right person in no time” are words that I’ve heard more times than I should, and every time, my eye starts to twitch ever-so-slightly.

With terms like hyper-geo targeting being used in nearly every facet of online Luckily, here at FluentStream, we’ve developed a clever way to streamline your business phone system to ensure that the caller is routed to the right agent every time- ZIP Code Routing or Geographic Location Phone Routing. 

Here’s how ZIP Code Routing Works:

Let’s say you own a company that services clients in Colorado, California, and Virginia. When you set up ZIP Code Routing through MyFluentCloud, callers will be prompted to enter their five-digit ZIP code. You can then set up call routing with MyFluentCloud that will direct all California ZIP codes to your California regional reps, all of your Colorado ZIP codes to Colorado reps, and so on.

So in a nutshell you can use zip code routing like this:

  1. Enable your Zip Code regions and routing on your FluentStream Phone System – don’t worry, we can help set this up too.
  2. Have your main business phone number displayed on your website, marketing and anywhere else for
  3. Your callers call your main number and enter their ZIP code
  4. Their call is routed to the correct person in their region automatically

Who is ZIP code routing for? 

Specific use cases for Geographic Call Routing vary but franchises, field/regional sales teams, localized service or dispatch teams or any other business that has a national presence with a dispersed clientele base can see a great benefit from this feature.

ZIP Code Routing would also work even if you had offices across the country, allowing you to have one unified number for your business, rather than different phone numbers for different branches. Having a single phone number is great for branding, and takes the guesswork out of the user’s mind, eliminating the worry that they are calling the wrong phone number.

Interestingly enough, search traffic for “local phone numbers” for particular regional businesses indicating two things. One, people like talking to people geographically close to them. This makes sense – people are inherently communal; they want to talk to someone that they can relate to. “Oh, you’re also in Chicago? How about this rainy weather we’re having? The Cubs are off to a great start!” It’s this logic that many call centers in different countries are prompted to say they’re located in a major US city when asked. Secondly, people looking for the phone number of a local office indicates that they want to avoid giving information repeatedly.

Fortunately, ZIP Code Routing answers both of these needs, allowing your callers to go to the person they want to speak to the first time.

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