Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Vacations

Time away from the office is important and necessary for every busy professional, but what happens when you are gone and you still need to be connected? That’s where FluentStream’s hosted VoIP solution comes in; you can bring us with you! Here at FluentStream, we are a hosted VoIP solution, and our services allow our customers to use our product while on vacation if they so choose. This option is a great way for our clients to stay connected and be reached while they are out taking time off without having to sacrifice their roles within their offices. With hosted VoIP for vacations, staying involved has never been easier and productivity won’t have to suffer during holidays!

There are numerous benefits to having access to hosted VoIP while on vacation. First, installing our WebPhone into your Google Chrome web browser makes it possible for you to make phone calls directly from your computer, even if it is a lightweight computer like a Macbook Air. Using a USB headset or built in speakers and a mic, all you need is an internet connection and you can make inbound and outbound calls directly from your browser. What’s more is that our Web Phone also has the functions and features of our desk phones, enabling useful tools such as Visual Voicemail, integration with our popular ClickToCall app, and more. Imagine making calls on the beach, cocktail in hand, without having to press anything up to your ear; you can enjoy the view and still contribute to previously planned work meetings and engagements.

For those traveling somewhere without WiFi, we also offer Find Me/Follow Me, a feature that automatically forwards calls to your cell phone and/or other line when you’re away from your desk and your extension isn’t answered. You can change your forwarding settings while you’re on the go, so if it turns out your destination doesn’t have cell service, you can just change your settings so your call is forwarded to your accommodations. You can even have your calls forwarded to multiple numbers! It’s fast and easy! A crisis or office mystery will never go unsolved ever again!

Beyond having access to calls while on vacation, our solution also offers access to call history and other detailed reporting. Detailed call records allow you to access information like average call length, total calls, and more, allowing managers to track employee progress, productivity, and efficiency while away. This data can be accessed through our My FluentCloud Web Portal or be sent directly to your e-mail, creating simplicity and ease of access. Report building is fast and simple with us.

Finally, Voicemail to Email is a powerful feature that sends your voicemail directly to your email and gives you the ability to listen to new messages straight from their inbox. You can choose the specific audio file that works best on your cell phone. You’ll never miss a message again!

There are plenty more features and tools that make FluentStream the best possible option when looking for a new office phone solution. While time away is precious, we recognize that it can be hard to come by as a busy professional. When you’re looking for a way to stay connected and involved while on vacation, look no further than the hosted VoIP solution provided by us at FluentStream!

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