FCC Decision Equalizes Telephone Industry for VoIP Providers

One simple vote has changed the competitive landscape of the telephone industry. Last week the FCC passed a vote to give VoIP providers direct access to phone numbers from numbering authorities. This may seem insignificant but for many VoIP providers, including Fluentstream, we are excited for this new advancement in the telecommunications world and see it as a step in the right direction towards an all-IP world.


Prior to this decision, VoIP providers did not have direct access to phone number adminstration; they had to get numbers from third-party carriers. This slowed the process for new clients trying to get  a new VoIP system up and running. Now, it will be much easier and faster for new VoIP users to get numbers from their various providers.


As we’ve discussed before, VoIP’s popularity is rapidly increasing, so naturally, accessibility is important to consumers. When FluentStream was founded, we knew VoIP would be the way of the future. Needless to say, we’re excited about this development in the telephone industry. Here are a few words on this FCC decision from our founder, Josh Elson:


“This decision allows us to give a more seamless experience to our customers and get them up and running with their phone systems faster. The impact of this decision is another indicator of IP being the way of the future. Having been at the forefront of this technology since our inception, we are excited to see the FCC get on board and help focus on advanced telephony.”


With the recent addition of direct phone number access, VoIP is posed to continue expanding; a study released by the FCC suggested almost 48 million phone connections were served by VoIP by the end of 2013. With so many new users, improved services, including easier access to direct phone numbers, had to become a focal point for VoIP providers.

At FluentStream Technologies, we are committed to providing a user-friendly solution to your businesses telecommunications operations. Thanks to the FCC’s decision, our job and your life got easier. Direct access to phone numbers will improve quality of service for our consumers and pave the way for the next iteration of VoIP technology.

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