Next Generation Media Server

Next Generation Media Server

Our Next Generation Media Server is here! Our Media Server is amongst the most important pieces of technology in our FluentCloud platform.

This is what makes the audio on your phone calls work, and provides all call features you know and love, like Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Ring Groups, and Queues. It is something that we are constantly improving.

We’re excited to roll out a number of new features with this media platform. These are just some of the new features coming your way.

Multi-endpoint Extension Support

For anyone managing their desk phones, softphones, FluentCloud WebPhone and more, we can now consolidate all of these devices into a single extension.

This ensures that your extension can be wherever you are – and on any device you want it to be on.

Call Quality Management Improvements

Our next generation server comes with a number of technical enhancements to improve audio quality and provide additional visibility on network conditions.

The millions of packets of audio we process on an hourly basis will be analyzed real-time to make sure they are in order.

If network conditions cause packets to be reordered or delayed, we seamlessly put them back how they should be. Customers on our next generation platform will automatically get best-in-class audio quality out of the box.

Live Manager, CDR, and Integration Enhancements

Live Manager is being updated to work seamlessly with our next generation media server which will give it the ability to show more information about devices being used.

There are major updates coming for several of our integrations, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and our new Active Directory integration.

CDR transfer has been updated to work with our new media server.

We’re actively working to place our FluentStream Seal of Approval on this new media server and will be rolling it out to everyone as soon as we feel comfortable doing so.


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