VanillaSoft and VAM dB Integrate with FluentStream VoIP

So you probably read this title and wondered what does that even mean?! And, how does this affect me?

Well, it means just about anything.

Integrations combine the programs you already use with FluentStream business phones. These new integrations were requested by and made for people like YOU. We care about our customers and focus on providing the best customer support and technology solutions possible. With near limitless options for your business integration needs, I have to ask: what are you waiting for?

Check out our 2 NEW FluentStream Integrations: 

VanillaSoft: Our integration with Vanilla Soft, the lead web-based management app, will boost your sales and foster efficient and productive management for your business. This integration has click-to-call software that brings sales productivity to a whole new level. To learn how to enable this integration, click here.

VAM dB: Partnering with VAM dB, the free and paid insurance CRM for agents and agencies, allows for a completely customizable integration to meet your needs. Offering integrated phone, texting, e-mail, quoting, and more.

So what does this mean for your business?

1.) Be more efficient.

With VAM dB and VanillaSoft, phone numbers that you see in your CRM or Chrome Browser will be interactive links so you won’t waste time dialing by hand and contain the information your team needs to be better prepared, meaning they can efficiently manage a larger volume of calls. Together with the 99.99% uptime that FluentStream guarantees, you will save time and money.

2.) Roadmap your success.

With VanillaSoft’s Appointment Setting Software you don’t need to waste precious time coordinating calendars, adjusting schedules, or tracking appointment outcomes. This software shares your integrated calendars, optimizes your appointments so no time (or gas!) is wasted, and effectively tracks your appointment results. While maximizing your appointments and calls, and tracking your results, VanillaSoft helps you fill the pipeline to improve your sales.

3.) Streamline client information. 

With the VAM dB integration you can accomplish quite a lot. You can purchase new phone numbers which can be used to make and receive calls and text messages. All communication is recorded and saved in the client record which you can view at any time. To see the rest of their features, check out their website here.

These are just a FEW of the benefits of these two integrations! You can check out what else these can do for you, and what other integrations we can make for you, by talking to one of our knowledgeable representatives and get your business a new and Smart phone system today. Call 303-GO-CLOUD or visit us at the FluentStream Technologies website.

Until next time, this is FluentStream Technologies, and we are signing off.

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