5 Ways VoIP Saves Small Businesses Money

Utilizing a Hosted VoIP solution for your business not only makes business telecommunications easier, but VoIP will help save you money, too. Here are five ways how:

  1. Lower upfront equipment overhead and faster install time. Since a Hosted VoIP solution lives in the cloud and requires less equipment, it takes less time and money to install the system. You won’t have to worry about a long turnaround time when switching to VoIP; you’ll have a new business system at your office in no time. Plus, softphones can use VoIP, too, allowing you to get up and running with no equipment costs. We offer a free trial of our WebPhone.
  2. Auto attendant and answering service features. By setting up an auto attendant, you eliminate (or significantly reduce) the need for a receptionist or secretary. People will be able to call into your business and be directed to who they need more quickly and efficiently, saving them time and you money.
    Pro Tip: Here’s how to make a killer auto attendant.
  3. More affordable long distance and international calling rates. The majority of VoIP companies provide users with free and unlimited calling within the U.S. and Canada. For international calling, VoIP charges per minute rates at a fraction of the cost of those charged by a traditional phone service.
  4. Simple maintenance. Set it and forget it! Since VoIP lives in the cloud, crashes and technical difficulties happen less often. You’ll eliminate the need for an IT person to step in and save the day. Not to mention VoIP systems are able to scale up and down with your business needs with just a few clicks from a web portal.
  5. Flexible pricing. With many Hosted VoIP solutions, consumers are offered more pricing options to meet the diverse needs of the business. There are also usually fewer contractual obligations, if any at all. If you decide VoIP isn’t for you, it’s easy to move on to the next option for your business or find a different way to finance what you already have in place.


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