Who Knew Eavesdropping Could Be So Useful?

listen whisper barge

If you’ve ever worked a job where one of your primary responsibilities was talking on the phone, it can be absolutely terrifying. Without proper training, even the most seasoned sales representative or customer service agent can become a deer in the headlights. Luckily, we have some pretty nifty features, listen, whisper, barge, to make training for your sales reps or agents much easier.


In the days of landlines, did you ever pick up the phone to listen in on the conversation that someone was having in your house? With the Listen feature, you are able to listen to the conversation that your agent is having in real-time. Neither party on the phone will know that you’re there. This provides a fantastic training opportunity to listen to how your agent interacts with clients without them being the wiser, also while not disrupting the client’s experience in any way. Sure, it might feel like spying, but you’re doing it for a good reason, right?


Wouldn’t it be great to give your agent live feedback on their conversation, without the client hearing you? With the Whisper feature, now you can! This feature, available through the MyFluentCloud Dashboard, is especially awesome for newer employees, to coach them through more difficult conversations and scenarios.

Whisper is also useful to allow a receptionist to notify an employee about an urgent call without disrupting them.


Sometimes, phone calls between agents and clients can become catastrophic in a matter of seconds. The Barge feature allows you to cut into the conversation, allowing you to (hopefully) salvage the phone call. Barge also provides valuable teachable moments for your agents. Why was the barge necessary? How can we avoid needing to barge into conversations in the future?

Barge’s use isn’t always negative either. Sometimes, a person asks a question that your agent just simply doesn’t know the answer to. Rather than explain something via the Whisper feature, Barge allows you to chime in, maintaining the flow of the phone conversation.

Call Recording

Don’t have time to listen in on every agent’s phone conversation every day? That’s not surprising. Fortunately, FluentCloud allows you to record and review every phone conversation made to and from your office. When reviewing an agent’s performance, you can use an agent’s recorded phone conversations to guide the conversation. Improve pitches, give constructive feedback, correct misconceptions, and train your team to be the best they can possibly be.

Who knew that a phone system could be so powerful?

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